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Journeys that carry us to unseen worlds

Happy Wednesday Wanderer’s!  Today, we’re traveling to a very remote island on the Georgia Coast.  The entire coast of the peach state is made up of a series of islands, one more beautiful than the next.  The furthest south, and one of the most remote islands on the coast is Cumberland Island.  There are no […]


Growing up, I always thought that a ‘vacation’ was an escape from everyday life.  It was that trip you took for a week in the summer with your family to the beach, did nothing except lay in the sand, swim in the surf and eat lots and lots of seafood.  It was essentially ‘a break […]

Hello Wanderers!  Today let’s take a little trip to the beautiful, and sunny vineyards of Sonoma, California!  What could be better than sun, beautiful vineyards and landscape and wine? These photos were taken in the fall just before harvest time in the vineyards. So let’s take a walk down the rows of vines, smell the […]

My little travel story “Sunshine on The Amalfi Coast” was published on Entouriste!  Click on one of the images below to read the article and view the gallery of imagery. If you aren’t familiar with Entouriste, take a moment to click over and check out their site.  It is a beautiful blog that focuses on […]

Happy Spring Wanderer’s!  I know many of you are ready for warmer temps and blooming flowers after the crazy winter in the northern hemisphere this year.  Many of you might already be spring-cleaning and getting your homes ready for the changing season. To celebrate, I’m having a BIG Sale on all of my Fine Art […]

Today we are wandering through the beautiful gardens and estate of Ca d’Zan in Sarasota, Florida.  Ca d’Zan deserves a post all by itself, but one of my favorite things in this part of Florida are the beautiful Banyan trees.  Their messy, tangled roots are mesmerizing and I could sit and stare for hours.  So […]

Magic.  Everyone searches for it.  But finding it can be a challenge.  I often think that magic cannot be searched for or found, but it must come to you when you least expect it.  I bet if you’re reading this, you’ve come across more than one patch of clover in your lifetime, and you may […]

A hidden gem of the southwest Florida coast, Gasparilla Island is a quaint little place perfect for a relaxing getaway.  Not your typical beach town, it is very remote, not easily accessible and is not lined with condo’s and hotels.  Most of the shoreline is untouched, and partly lined with residential homes and a few […]

Because Yes, it is really a place!  I’ve been there many times, backroads, open fields, not a human or structure in sight.  Those are the moments you feel really small, and that this world is so big.  For me, its a beautiful experience and sometimes it’s nice to escape the ‘real’, everyday world and enjoy […]