Coming and going in a whisper.  Some are loud and boisterous.  Others fiery with passion.  Some are sweet and soft.  Some sad.  Many are forgotten.  We often try to capture them, but they escape us.

The thing I love about photographs is that they capture moments, split seconds in time forever.  Burned on to negatives and paper and digital images.  The thing I hate about photographs is that they ONLY capture a moment.  Sometimes we’re more worried about ‘photographing’ that moment than actually living it.  Heads in front of screens and cameras instead of taking in all of the beauty around you.

Years and years ago, I remember certain moments in time – but not because I took a photo of them, but because I burned them into my memory.  I’m not sure how it happened, or why I started doing it, but I began taking what I called “mental photos”.  These mental photos were reserved for special moments; moments I couldn’t capture on film.  Moments that needed to be remembered in the mind and in the heart because nothing would be able to adequately capture it.  There have been many of those moments in my life.  I’ve put the camera down and made the conscious decision to experience those moments rather than burning them on film.

You tend to remember these moments in a different way.  They’re more vivid, more alive, more filled with detail and feelings and emotion.  Your experience of the world is different when a screen isn’t right in front of your face.

On my recent trip to Europe, between photographing imagery for my blog, I decided to spend some time without my camera and capturing mental photos.  Living life and experiencing in the way it was meant to be experienced.  Without lenses and shutters and digital displays and clicks.  Only with a wide open heart and mind.

I decided to do something different with these moments this time.  While they are stored forever inside of my soul, I felt the overwhelming urge to create something out of these memories that went beyond that.  Inspiration struck and I am now creating a series of watercolor paintings based on these memories.

Here is one of those moments…

A Wandering Heart | Travel Photography | Melissa Schollaert |

More coming soon…


A Wandering Heart | Melissa Schollaert | Travel Photographer |

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