After the Journey: Travel Books

When I started this blog last year, I found that my catalog of travel images was very disorganized.  So, one of the first things I did was to save all of my images on one place and organize them.  One thing that I noticed was that I had never printed any of these images (let alone the horrible fact that I appeared in NONE of them – but that’s an entirely different post), and this was sad.  Here, I had traveled to all of these beautiful, wondrous places and had no record of them, no way to re-live them, except to look at them on my computer.  How boring.  We go on these amazing trips, but then what?  Do we forget about it?  How do we remember it?  This begged the question, “What should be done AFTER the journey?”

I decided right away that I needed to start printing my work, as well as documenting my trips so that whenever I wanted I could flip through the images and take myself back to that place.  I found the perfect solution for printing my personal trip photos with books from Artifact Uprising.  I love these books because I can use images from my professional camera, as well as images directly from my smartphone (or even Instagram) to print.  This is great because sometimes I travel light or only have my phone with me, but I still want to use those photos.  Artifact Uprising also can be integrated directly with your phone through an app where you can order book and other products right through your smartphone!  I personally chose their hardcover books for my travels, and have printed one for several big trips that have occurred in the last year.  They have different options for cover fabrics and dustjackets – so I decided that I would use a certain color for each continent, with the hopes that I could have seven different colors eventually in my library.  And that would mean that I had visited all seven continents so it gives me a goal to work towards.  As of now, I only have two colors so two continents visited – I really need to work on that (le sigh).

I hope this inspires you to print your images, either in a book, album or printed and framed on your wall.  Take those travel memories and get them out of your camera, computer or phone and into a real, printed piece of art that you’ll have forever.  And be sure to checkout Artifact Uprising for their books, prints, calendars and other cool products.  Happy Printing!




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