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Journeys that carry us to unseen worlds

If you’ve been sensing a theme around here, you have definitely caught on.  I am not your typical traveler, definitely not a tourist, and stay far away from the popular tourist sites when possible.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy seeing the Colosseum in Rome, or the Empire State Building, etc.  I just […]

Sometimes the smallest decisions of your life will effect parts of your journey down the road that you could have never anticipated.  So many little decisions have led to ideas and meetings and relationships that have brought me to where I am today.  And that’s the thing about life, it’s the little steps in your […]

However you may say it and wherever in the world you may be – Joyeux Nöel – God Jul – Buon Natale – Feliz Navidad HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May all of your wandering dreams come true in 2017. Ciao e Buon Natale!

Happy Holidays Wanderers!  I’m so excited to release my annual Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler!  This year I chose to feature some cool, new travel gear that I’ve found as well as some things that I personally have used and love.  I broke everything down into a few categories including Traveling in Style with […]

BIG NEWS WANDERERS!!! Wandering, wandering, wandering… Where will all of my wanderings lead? Several years ago I wandered to Italy with some friends and this little blog was born. That trip led me to many other wandering adventures all over the world. Now, you can own a little piece of my journey. Introducing the new […]

“Someday, you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.” ~Unknown Ciao!

Sometimes, you only get once chance.  One shot. You don’t waste it.  You take full advantage of the moment. Because you might not get another chance. So, I had only three days to spend in Brugge and Belgium and I had to make the best of every moment.  And even though it was raining, I […]

Coming and going in a whisper.  Some are loud and boisterous.  Others fiery with passion.  Some are sweet and soft.  Some sad.  Many are forgotten.  We often try to capture them, but they escape us. The thing I love about photographs is that they capture moments, split seconds in time forever.  Burned on to negatives […]

I have always been afraid of going to Paris.  It has such high expectations, legendary monuments, museums and croissants and pastries one can only dream about.  Could it ever live up to my visions of this grand city? Also, Parisians also have a reputation for…well, not being very nice.  The bulk of my French consisted of […]

It never fails…when adventure strikes, it’s not just one little trip.  I do what I like to call “crazy trips” where I hop from place to place with back to back trips all in a row.  It’s partly my work as a photographer that has me traveling all over the country and world, but also […]